Wristlets Galore Made Better With Vera Bradley Coupons 2014

As technology improves, more and more gadgets are becoming smaller and more compact. This makes it important for gadget users to have a nice, comfortable carrying case to hold these technological marvels securely while they travel. Vera Bradley has created a collection of small accessory wristlets for their customers. This is another good reason to use Vera Bradley coupons as these items are really great things to buy.

Carry it all Wristlet in Classic Black

This Vera wristlet design provides an all-around carrying case for not only large smartphones but also for coins, cards and bills. It has a 4 slot compartment space able to carry 4 cards at a time. It has a sizable coin pocket to hold your change and a bill slot. It has an adjustable wrist strap for you to able to carry it like a normal handbag. It also has a front slot to hold your I.D. It is one of the best wristlet designs Vera has produced and it is now on sale, especially for customers with Vera Bradley printable coupons.

The Pushlock wristlet in Plum crazy

Vera Bradley Coupons 2014

Another addition to the wristlet collection of Vera is this Plum designed pushlock wristlet which is the perfect smartphone case for women who are fun loving and like to express themselves openly. This pushlock wristlet has a large compartment which is able to carry not only your phone, but also other small accessories such as keys, coins and such. It is secured by a sturdy pushlock making it a safe carrying case for your small valuables. Vera Bradley coupons 2014 are ready for your purchase.

It is a fun-looking wristlet for the fashion chic of the modern age. It is a nice buy especially when used with Vera Bradley coupons in store. Use it to change your style and how you look or give it to others as a present and change their fashion lives for the better.

The Smartphone Wristlet in Classic Black

If the main reason why you are buying a wristlet is to carry your smartphone then this designs perfectly fits your needs. Vera’s smartphone wristlet in classic black offers its customers a great carrying case for any kind of smartphone today. Of course, Vera’s design doesn’t end there, as always their wristlet designs can carry more than just an iPhone. This small case can carry at least three cards, coins, bills and also a slot to place your identification. It is really a nice thing to have, especially for women who not only have Vera Bradley coupons but also those who want to be stylish and fashionable every time.

Vera Bradley coupons can be used to buy this wonderful wristlet designs with a discount. This makes it a wonderful thing to have especially when spring arrived and people are again traveling places. So kick off your spring season with a whole new looks and start it with good accessories to complement your already fashionable aura.

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