Vera Bradley Coupons 2014: Great Christening Gifts

One of the most important days in a child’s life is his christening or baptism. That is why, it must be planned carefully in order for the occasion to be perfect. Consider following these steps:

  • Invite friends and relatives including those living outside town. Try to accommodate their schedule as possible as you can so that no one’s feelings are hurt for being left out.

Convertible Gown in Clementine

  • Choose wisely the baby’s godparents and ask them to take on this role before the ceremony day. This is to give them time to decide on whether they will accept the responsibility.

  • Choose proper christening invitations and send them out several weeks before the ceremony to give time for the guests to arrange their schedules.

  • Arrive early at the church and dress the baby in a white or off-white christening gown before the ceremony begins.

  • Dress in business attire for the christening ceremony.

  • Have a customary picture taking with the parents, godparents, guests and the priest who conducted the ceremony.

  • Invite the guests and the priest to the reception for a snack or a full meal.

  • If presents are given for the baby, send the giver a personalized thank-you note after the christening day.

These simple christening etiquettes will make the day run smoothly which will be less stressful for both the parents and the baby.

Some great presents that a guest or godparent could give a baby are available at Vera Bradley. Vera Bradley Coupons holders will enjoy great deals in using the coupons for every purchase.

Vera Bradley Coupons 2014

For a baby girl, the Mary Jane Soft Shoes in Tutti Frutti from Vera Bradley is a perfect gift. The shoe is made of soft knit cotton and has a charming pink bow and an easy to wear design. Truly perfect for the pockets upon use of Vera Bradley coupons 2014!

The newly christened baby boy will stay warm inside the Plush Blanket in Bayou Waves. This memorable gift is made from super-soft fleece and is an ideal stroller blanket and comfy playtime space. Avail discount on this item with Vera Bradley coupons promotion codes.

Get a price cut-off with the use of Vera Bradley Coupons on the Convertible Gown in Clementine from Vera Bradley. It keeps the feet warm due to its gathered hem and prevents the baby from scratching due to the fold-over cuffs. It is packed in a bassinet- shaped box which makes it perfect as a gift. Buy this now with the much-favored Vera Bradley coupons printable!

Buying gifts for babies can be done conveniently at home by browsing Free shipping is offered for purchases worth $75 up. Use the codes of the Vera Bradley Coupons to avail the discounts offered for the season.

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