Vera Bradley coupons 2014: Best of the Best Beach Items for Women

Spring just arrived but many girls are looking forward for Summer this year. After a long, long wait while watching tons of snow outside, no one would deny that everyone is waiting to get a splash of ocean water and wear bikinis. Here are some of the best of the best beach items brought to you by Vera Bradley coupons 2014.

Vera Bradley coupons 2014

Vera Bradley’s signature beach items are the most fascinating including the Clear Beach Tote in Heather, offered via Vera Bradley coupons. These are made of waterproof materials to keep all the items dry inside. Plus it has this chic design that every woman can show off outside. This bag has an open closure, a flat bottom to support upright structure and dual flat shoulder straps so girls will not get tired of bringing their bags everywhere they go. Vera Bradley coupon codes free shipping can now be used upon purchasing these bags for a lower price.

Another beach item brought by Vera Bradley is their beach towel in Julep Tulip. Julep Tulip uses the current colors promoted by Pantone for the year 2014. Thus, it is also one of the best sellers in For a beach towel worth $35.00, Vera Bradley’s beach towel has been one of the most comfortable towels women had ever bought with Vera Bradley printable coupons. It has a corresponding border with signature Vera Bradley print, made from 100 percent perfect for all day trips. Its dimensions are 33 inches by 66 inches.

Last but not the least is the flip flops. Girls should never forget buying flip flops for Summer! It is a must for women to wear soft, flexible rubber soles so they can walk for hours, all day long. Who says Vera Bradley designs don’t match with stripes? They will now prove you wrong with their exquisite designs on their flip flops available in 5 colors. Most women who bought it also claimed that they do not slip and the colors do not fade after several times of wear.

Vera Bradley has been around for many years, giving women the best quality products mainly for bags and luggage. They now have over three thousand retail stores selling baby items, beach items and signature bags and more. They also offer Vera Bradley coupons with free shipping and huge discounts. Resellers and other franchisees are welcome too. They just have to fill out some forms available from the website.

What are you waiting for? Get a Vera Bradley beach item now!

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